Get the ability to add embedded calls-to-action within your stylish QR Codes!

Start from $9/mo.

Get the ability to embed style-congruent short calls to action and messages directly within your code (~around 7 characters per line, 2 lines available per code). Also get 50 Smart codes for even more analytics and actively manage and edit 200 QR codes.

Also get the ability to use custom QR shapes in order to get even more attention to your QR codes!



Calls to action and short messages - right in your code.



  • Unlimited Basic QR Codes
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom QR Little Squares
  • Custom QR Corner Squares
  • 50 Smart QR Codes
  • 200 Editable QR Codes
  • Enabled Embedded Text
  • Enabled Custom QR Shapes

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