Take QR Control to the max and create QR codes that go faster and directly to a destination while still using all of the capabilities of MayQR’s QR Creation Tools.

Start from $29/mo.

Get even more control of your QR codes and get the ability to create 200 Direct Codes every month that can be white-labeled. Get 200 Smart QRs to gather the most insights from interactions with your codes.

Get the ability to inscribe messages in your QR codes, use custom QR shapes, and every month, get the ability to claim a new ArtQR code from our gallery! The ultimate QR codes for the best ability to get attention to your product, brand, or service!



Direct QR Codes and more Analytic QR Codes.



  • Unlimited Basic QR Codes
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom QR Little Squares
  • Custom QR Corner Squares
  • 200 Smart QR Codes
  • 200 Editable QR Codes
  • 200 Monthly Direct QR Codes
  • Enabled Embedded Text
  • Enabled Custom QR Shapes
  • 1 Premium ArtQR Every Month

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